AQUAWAL, the union of public water cycle operators


AQUAWAL is the union of public water cycle operators to which the main producers and distributors of drinking water, all the approved waste-water treatment bodies, and the public water management company SPGE belong.

Its members are responsible for 95% of drinking water supply and the whole sector of wastewater collecting and treatment in Wallonia.

Its tasks:

- ensuring consultation and information between drinking water production-distribution companies and the approved waste-water treatment bodies in Wallonia;

- representing these companies in the various regional, federal, European, and international bodies;

- communicating with the public at large:  informing the public to lead to a better understanding of tap water, its protection, waste water, the price of water, etc. ;

- conducting scientific and socio-economic studies for policy-makers, administrative departments, and its members.

AQUAWAL's organisation

AQUAWAL has a permanent structure. The Company is managed a Board.

It has 7 working commissions.


At the international level, the federation is associated, amongst others, with IWA, Eureau, and Aqua Publica Europea.

For further information, you may contact us at the following address : aquawal@aquawal.be